Pricing a particular website is tricky because there are a numerous options and possibilities that could be included. I have three services which I provide to my illustrious clients each having it’s own price range and attributes.


Website Port

A website port is taking a preexisting website and putting it into a content management system to make it easier for the user to control the content.

Includes a content management system
Development process is faster than other methods
Costs less due to no content creation
Includes training on the content management system
$500 to $1000 depending on size and complexity

Full Setup

A full setup includes a complete design process, content editing, and anything else you might want in a website. A full website setup costs about $1000 to $1500 depending on the size or complexity of the site. This costs more than other services because I am completely creating every facet of the site with care and attention to detail as well as constantly talking with the client about their vision for the site. Training on the content management system can be included for free with this service.

Hosting Management

This service can be added to either previous service and adds the feature of my managing and taking care of the back end of the site. This takes less training on the clients part because I’m the one dealing with the back end as opposed to them. This adds a $200 charge to the site’s base cost as well as an addition $50-100 a year depending on the site’s complexity. The reason this adds so much to the cost is that it takes additional time for me to maintain the back end of a site as opposed to just set it up.